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Family resolutions: get educated

Study up this year and tackle a home improvement project together.
Study up this year and tackle a home improvement project together.

While our children are in school and constantly learning important things like algebra, history and literature, we parents are often stuck learning things that are only relevant to our work or play. Why not make a family resolution to learn something new?

Cooking: The recent film Julie and Julia gave us amatures the idea that we could cook our way through a cook book. Maybe your family loves Chinese or sushi. Find a book that looks good to you and make a meal a week together as a family.

Current events: Make a goal to learn all about your community, state and national leaders. Study the paper for legislature that is getting ready for a vote and write an email to your representatives in support or opposition.

Survival skills: Watch a few episodes of Survivor Man, Survivor and Man vs. Wild, read some books about camping, practice building a fire in the backyard or fireplace. Then take a camping tip together.

Home improvement: Is there a project in your house that hasn't been getting done? Why not check out some home improvement books and videos and then work together to accomplish the project?

For more fun ideas check out this web site on 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do.