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Family releases statement regarding arrest of father and son on burglary charges

Family released statement regarding burglary charges
Family released statement regarding burglary chargesPCSO

Family releases statement regarding arrest of father and son on burglary charges

The family of a Rockmart man and son who were arrested Saturday on burglary charges is speaking out by telling their version of events regarding the alleged burglary.

Perry and Nick Nettles were arrested and charged with burglary after Rockmart Police Department arrived on the scene to find the duo removing items from a pool house behind the main house.

Sherry Nettles contacted the Northwest Georgia Crime Examiner and released the following statement regarding the arrest of her husband Perry Nettles and her son Nick Nettles.

"Most of what you've read about my husband Perry Nettles and my son Nicholas Nettles are fabricated and misunderstood rumors that have been blown out of proportion. I assure you that NO theft or break-in occurred because I was there, standing by our car. We made a quick stop at the specified residence while on our way to Walmart. We were only there to speak with the homeowner. After all, why would you get arrested for knocking on someone’s door? This fabrication and misunderstanding is what ultimately led to their arrests. Rather than answer the door the homeowner chose to call the police, and that's where it all started. I am repulsed and offended by some of the things I'm hearing, because they didn't happen that way at all, especially in broad daylight with people all around! It would take an idiot to do something that stupid! After what we went through involving the theft of our four-wheeler, doing harm to another homeowner is the last thing my husband and son would ever think of doing."

According to Rockmart Detective David Gowens, the homeowner was home and called 911. Police arrived on the scene to find the two men carrying items out of the pool house and the two were arrested at that time.

The guilt or innocence of the two men will be determined in a court of law; however, if you are on another person's property and that homeowner or resident does not answer the door, that is not a free pass to enter the home or any buildings located on the property, whether locked or unlocked.

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