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Family puppy found dead hanging from tree in Winchendon, MA

Snoopy, the Beagle puppy found hanging from a tree in Winchendon.
Allyson Clark, courtesy Sentinel and Enterprise

A 14-week old Beagle puppy named Snoopy was found dead, hanging from a tree, by the family's ten year old daughter, according to the Sentinel and Enterprise. Police are investigating the dog's death, as well as Winchendon animal control and the MSPCA.

The Clark family only had Snoopy for about six weeks. Allyson Clark had let Snoopy out on a dog run while she was cooking dinner. The puppy was outside for about 25 minutes when she sent her daughter out to bring him in. After hearing screams, she ran outside to find Snoopy hanging from a tree about four feet off the ground.

"He was tied in so many knots," Clark said. "It took two of us to untie him. It's the sickest thing I've seen in my life.”

The dog run had been disconnected and a rope from the nearby bird feeder was found tied around the dog's neck. Snoopy had been murdered.

While the Clark family has no idea why anyone would want to harm the puppy, there had been suspicious activity in the neighborhood that has them concerned. A neighbor told Clark she had witnessed a man coming out of the woods on a regular basis.

"She said she had seen a gentleman keep coming out of our woods, even in the middle of night," she said. "She thought we had many sons, but we only have one son and three daughters."

Clark said she had found numerous cigarette butts in the yard and no one in her family smokes.

The family is taking action by posting flyers of what happened, installing video surveillance, and not allowing their children and other pets outside alone.

Anyone with information should call the Winchendon police at 978-297-1212.

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