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Family Promise of Genesee County, a helping hand, to a better life

toys for play and learning
toys for play and learning

Mission of Family Promise: To engage community and faith-based organizations in ending homelessness-One Family at a Time

With a little help, great things are possible

There's some criteria.

  1. kid(s): you must have a minor child in your care.
  2. drug test: you must be drug and alcohol free
  3. back ground check: each case will be reviewed on an individual basis; a criminal history isn't an immediate refusal, it's case by case
  4. honest effort: an honest attempt to better your situation is always helpful

Family Units have no set description; single parent, both parents, same sex parents. It's about the child / children, and providing help to a better home situation.

For a family in crisis with an emergency need, desperately in need of a 'help up' from a situation, this could be the ticket. A genuine whole-hearted effort, can be all that is required, with the help of others, to make great and productive changes in the way a life is headed.

Family units can be any variety of situations, with a minor child, or children, being the basis of eligibility.

For example: maybe you're living in your car, or a camp ground, or worse. Maybe you're couch surfing and living day to day. Maybe living in a motel, spending all your money as the days pass; never able to dig out of the hole, to get a home.

There's no judgement, just help.

For more information, for yourself or a family in crisis you may know:

Family Promise of Genesee County

(810) 234-9444

Volunteers are welcomed! Many different skill sets for healthy living and skill building will be considered. Donations of household items, garden stuffs, and clothing also welcomed and needed. Children's games, coloring books, crayons, and things a child would love and need...when building a better life.

Maybe you sew, or crochet, and would like to teach others?

Have a sewing machine to donate? or garden stuff? or build bird houses and want to share?

or just want to be a part of something positive!

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