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Family pleads with nation : 'Help us find our daughter'

Missing and in need of psychiatric attention.
Missing and in need of psychiatric attention.
Family of Susan Bachmann

In Centre County, Pa. things are much more quite in the Bachman family home, according to an exclusive contact on August 14, 2014. The contact stated a 70 year-old couple, Bill and Nancy Bachman, have decided to drive cross country, along I-80 in hope of finding their missing daughter, Susan.

Susan Bachman, 37, has been missing since July 4. All prior searches have not turned up any leads. Bill and Nancy are relying on the power of social media to help locate their daughter. Susan, who could be “using an assumed name,” is lost and traveling without an ID. The parents say Susan experiences “paranoid delusions” and should not be out alone.

It is possible if she comes in contact with anyone she could be telling them she is serving as a medical agent for truck drivers. Because of Susan’s condition, Bill and Nancy fear that other’s will misunderstand her as she will appear “lucid and sober but she is highly inconsistent with reality.”

On July 4, Bill and Nancy Bachman were driving their daughter, Susan to a mental hospital in Clarion, Pa. for a “voluntary mental health evaluation.” At that time, Susan became delusional and frightened. Within minutes she jumped out of the moving vehicle which was traveling along I-80. It is stated the Susan is in a severe state of depression and has suicidal tendencies. Authorities came up empty-handed after a 5 hour search.

Susan’s mother Nancy told Wyoming News that they are so “wracked with worry” and that they really “want her to come home where it is safe.” Since July, the Bachman’s have covered 1,500 miles with no luck. The couple has plans to continue to San Francisco, stopping at every truck and rest stop along the way. On the way back, they’ll check the other side of the road.

Bill and Nancy Bachman need your help. Many states along I-80 are running news stories as the couple pass through. Three national billboard companies have offered to advertise along the Interstate. However, it is not enough. The contact would like to push the story even further through social media and help get Susan home.

Susan is a 37 year-old white female with freckles. She stands at 5 feet 4 inches and weighs approximately 140 pounds. She had red hair and green eyes. The family is documenting their journey on their Facebook where they have over 1000 followers. They also received 75,000 views on their website.

According to the contact, the couple is leaving Iowa, where their story was picked up by The Salt Lake Tribune and will continue to search for their daughter. Please help Detroit Examiner spread awareness by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and printing out the missing person’s flyer. You are also encouraged to visit Susan Bachman's Crime Stoppers page.

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