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Family Photos, Inside or Out?

Family photo in the warehouse district of Des Moines.
Family photo in the warehouse district of Des Moines.
Nuzum Photo

If you are planning an upcoming family photo session you may be trying to decide between having them done inside or out, or both.  For the photographer it shouldn't matter.  A good photographer will be able to photograph photos in studio or on location.  Heading outside will give you photographer a little more creative freedom and allow them to create something really unique for your next family photo.  If you are leaning towards one of the other than be sure to consider some of the following items.

1. Age of Children.  The younger the children the more you will want to consider an in studio shoot.  If you have older children that can listen and stay focused, an outdoor shoot may be perfect.  With young children it can be difficult to keep them focused and on task.

2. Weather.  The time of year will play a big role.  Today there is snow every where. Iowa...could be anything.  Be conscious of the weather it will help you determine the right location.  Bad weather is not always a bad thing.  Especially in the winter.  A cool family photo out in the snow can be perfect and unique.

3. Background.  If you are wanting something clean and formal than a studio shoot is more in line.  They are easy for the photographer to control and ensure a perfect photo.  Outdoors with kids can be a challenge as you only have a short window to work in.  Good photographers will have things well planned and keep things in line, but even great planning can be ruined by the unexpected.

4. Location Fee.  Does your photographer charge a location fee to shoot outside the studio?  Depending on whether you go to a big-box photographer or an independent photographer you will find the fees vary if any at all.  Be sure to ask ahead of time.

Ashley and I always prefer to do our photo shoots outside.  It allows us to create unique settings for each shoot.  In studio tends to be "stock" and everyone gets the same types of photos.  Be sure to check the weather and have fun.  When you do that, you can't go wrong.


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