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Family organization brings back to school success

Family command center focuses on organization
Family command center focuses on organization
Cristine Struble

From hectic mornings to chaotic afternoons, the school year can be stressful families. To make the transition smoother, organization is key to success. From cohesive calenders to a memo board, families can keep all the balls rolling by being prepared. The family command center becomes the hub for all activities.

Creating a family command center starts with determining the perfect location. For many families, the kitchen can be the best option. Depending in the layout, a wall by the refrigerator, with empty flat space, can work well. Since everyone goes to the refrigerator, the space can be highly visual for calendar, reminders and all other important messages.

The Home Collection by Post-it Brand, Scotch Brand and Command Brand offer a comprehensive line of products that combine to create the essential family command center. Bringing together the family calendar and family paperwork into a sleek, stylish single location creates easy to use organization.

To create the family command center, two items from the Home Collection can act as the centerpiece of the organization. The Post-it Dry Erase Planner offers a quick glance at family activities. With multiple columns that can be mounted vertically or horizontally, the planner can be used for sports practices, weekly chores or even family dinners. Erasing completed activities brings satisfaction to accomplish the long list of tasks. No more excuses for being unaware of an event or activity when the family can see each item written on the planner. The Post-it Dry Erase Planner retails for approximately $8.99.

In many homes, kids bring home piles of paper. From the school permission slips to the birthday invitations, paper can over take a counter top. With the Post-it Grip Board, a family's important papers leave the counter top and puts them in plain view. The Grip Board mounts almost anywhere with the Command Picture Hanging Strips. The folds can hold a variety of papers, from business cards to mail and even pictures. The Grip Board retails for approximately $19.99.

With these items and a few others, like Post-it Planner and Perforated List Pad, Post-It Dry Erase Grip Tile and Post-it Magnet Grip Discs, families will run into the school year with an organized plan for success. Is your family ready to get organized and tackle the school year? A family command center is key to back to school success.

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