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Family of teen shot by girlfriend's father wants girlfriend charged: She 'lied'

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The family of a 17-year-old teen who was shot and killed by his girlfriend’s father wants the girlfriend to face charges in this Houston case. When the father went into his daughter’s bedroom and found the teen in her room he shot and killed the teen, who he believed was a stranger. The father thought he was an intruder, as his daughter said she didn’t know who he was, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Friday morning April 4.

What the father didn’t know was that his daughter was lying and he shot and killed Johran McCormick, who was his daughter’s boyfriend. McCormick was in the girl’s bedroom because his girlfriend invited him over, which made him an invited guest who was shot because his girlfriend lied, according to HLN News today.

Today the family of McCormick wants the teen girl charged in his death for lying. A group held a rally in front of the house where McCormick was shot and killed in support of the family. Johran’s mother told HLN News that she wants the daughter of the shooter charged as well because she “intentionally lied” about knowing McCormick.

It was in the early morning hours last month that a father of a teenage girl discovered McCormick hiding under his daughter’s bed. The girl had brought McCormick into her bedroom, but the daughter denied knowing McCormick. The father thought he was a stranger who broke in and shot and killed the teen.

McCormick’s mother, Zakia McCormick, was at the rally with others who were calling for the teen daughter to be also charged in her son’s death. If the daughter hadn’t lied, her son would not have been shot.

The case is still under investigation and it could take months before it will be presented to a grand jury, who will decide if charges will be filed. If any charges are filed it will be up to the grand jury to decide what the charges will be.



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