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Family of Anderson dog shot by police plan to file complaint against department

Cream, shot and killed by City of Anderson police
Cream, shot and killed by City of Anderson police

More information has become available on the City of Anderson Police Officer who shot a family dog on May 19. Fox Carolina updated the case May 21.

This Examiner article will bring you up to date on the tragedy.

Cream, a pit bull, was shot by an Anderson City Police Department officer Monday afternoon while investigating a report on a stolen cell phone.

Information has turned up stating the responding officer was looking for a family member's cell phone. Tracking software was able to pin down the location of the stolen phone to the address where Cream lived.

Although no one who lives at the home was behind the theft, a friend of one of the dog owners' children was the one who had possession of the stolen cell phone.

Now the family wants to know whether it was a conflict of interest for the investigating officer to be a family member of the person the cell phone was stolen from.

Family member Taira Gaines stated in an interview with Fox Carolina

"He took it personal, and it was supposed to be professional."

Fox Carolina News contacted the Anderson County Sheriff's Officer, and asked the department whether the officer should have been taken out of the investigation due to a conflict in interest.

A representative of the police department said there are no policy restrictions regarding conflict of interest. Decisions such as this are left up to the officer.

Cream's family believes someone else should have taken the call. Police stand behind the officer, saying he had a right to be there since he was called as backup for the cell phone theft case.

At this time, no investigation is planned as to whether Captain Aman had the right to shoot and kill the family dog. According to a police report filed by Officer Joey Chapman stated the dog was acting in an aggressive manner, giving officer's the right to defend themselves.

The family is planning to file a formal complaint against the City of Anderson Police Department.

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