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Family of 4 dead in James Blake mansion fire: Family shot in emerging details

James Blake, the former tennis pro, owns the Florida mansion that went up in flames with police finding a family of four dead inside with gunshot wounds. Blake rented the property to Darrin Campbell and his family and was not involved with the incident. The deaths and fire appear very suspicious. There is evidence to suggest that this may have been planned out for days before the tragic event took place by the father of the dead family.

James Blake's mansion went up in flames and inside a family of four was discovered. The family is dead and all four gunshot wounds.
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According to New York Daily News on May 8, while James Blake knew the man who rented his home, he had nothing to do with the horrific events that took place there this week that left a family of four dead. Blake was just the landlord.

Darrin Campbell, 49, his wife Kimberly and their two kids are believed to be the family that was found dead, but their official identities have not been released yet. Police cannot say if they died from the gunshot wounds or the fire, as autopsy results are incomplete.

All four people were shot at one point before or just after the fire started, but if they were dead or alive when the blaze took over the home will be determined by further investigation.

What police do know is that the father, Darrin Campbell, was seen on a store surveillance camera purchasing a large amount of fireworks days before this horrific event.

According to CNN News today, the fireworks were placed throughout the home and the fire was started with an "unknown accelerant." A firearm registered to Darrin Campbell was also found inside the burnt-out home. A 911 call came in about 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday reporting the blaze. Neighbors reported hearing explosions.

It looks as if the fireworks were used to keep the fire going once it was started with possibly gasoline as an accelerant. Campbell also purchased several gas cans at a different store that same day. The man who sold him the fireworks saw nothing out of the ordinary.

The salesperson said that Campbell was just a customer who was pleasant and chatty. He told the salesperson he was just getting a jump on the Fourth of July by purchasing all the fireworks.

He purchased dozens of items at the fireworks store, reports Col. Donna Lusczynski of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Florida. It appears as if it wasn't the Fourth of July he had in mind when buying these fireworks.

The fire appeared very well thought out as an accelerant was used to start it and the fireworks were used to keep it going. The 5,856-square-foot home quickly went up in flames.

While police acknowledge the fireworks and the gas can purchases look suspicious, they have stopped short at actually tagging this event as a murder-suicide. They did say earlier in the investigation that they are not looking for any suspects in this case.

It appears there is a possibility that Darrin Campbell purchased the fireworks and the gas cans with setting this fire in mind. It also appears that he shot his family, set the house on fire and then shot himself. This appears to be a very well thought out event, something the patriarch of the Campbell family may have planned for days.

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