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Family members burned alive for the insurance proceeds

The following story concerns a fire damage claim which took place in 2013. It is a claim can only make me wonder how far into the depths of darkness a person can descend. In January of 2014, James Quiggle of the Coalition against insurance fraud reported the following story concerning a family living in Argyle, Wisconsin. Armin Wand and his wife Sharon, who was pregnant, already had four children—Allen was 7, Jeffery 5, Joseph age 3 and Jessica was 2.

Like most of the other people in this country, money was a problem. Armin stated that his wife constantly complained about the lack of money. But the difference for Armin was the method he was going to use to solve that problem. Armin had decided to burn down his rented home, not for the building insurance proceeds which would not be his, but for the contents coverage; in addition, Armin was going to kill his wife and all of his children in the fire for the life insurance proceeds. To make matters even worse, Armin had secured the services of his brother, Jeremy, to help him in this action for the price of only $300.

Armin and his brother decided to crumple up sheets of paper and place them first under the futon where Sharon was sleeping; they also placed sheets of the crumpled paper near the T.V. and computer in hopes the fire would appear to be electrical. Any competent Origin and Cause investigator would have discovered more than one point of origin by evidence of the burn patterns under the futon and by the computer, but Armin did not think of this. He then set fire to the couch on which his son, Joseph, was sleeping; he also had locked his other two sons in their bedroom.

Sharon woke up to discover she was on fire and immediately tried to save her children while Armin and his brother stood by and watched. Armin then, believing that he may have been caught in the act by his wife, threw a glass of water on her to extinguish the blaze. Sharon was able to escape from the house with their daughter, Jessica, in her arms. She wanted to go back into the house as she could hear the screams of her two sons locked in their bedroom. Armin told her to go and move the family van away from the house and he would get the boys as he took the girl from her. Armin was then in the process of placing his daughter back into the burning house when a neighbor arrived to help. Armin placed his daughter on the ground as the fire department.

Armin and his brother received 3 life sentences plus 140 years for this vicious act without the possibility of parole. His wife Sharon was burned over 86% of her body and had to experience several skin graft operations. Unfortunately her unborn child died as a result of this act of her husband, along with his sons who were locked in their bedroom and could not escape. The love of money is indeed the root of all evil.

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