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Family in Los Angeles claims pizza was 'tainted' with marijuana

A family in Los Angeles was hospitalized after eating pizza that they claim was "tainted" with marijuana. According to a video report by GeoBeats, two people who ate the pizza came down with strange symptoms like heart pounding and sweating.

Doctors took a urine sample from Ava Farley and her grandson, Clintay Jones. It turns out, both samples showed traces of marijuana. There were immediate concerns that Ava Farley had given her grandson pot but that wasn't the case. After some questioning, doctors realized that it must have been the pizza that the family ate before they started feeling ill.

Interestingly enough, two more kids ate the pizza but didn't experience any symptoms -- turns out they took the mushrooms off of the slices that they consumed, leading Ava Farley to believe that it was the mushrooms that were tainted.

Farley contacted the restaurant but the owner denies the claims. She is considering taking legal action. More on this story in the video above.

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