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‘Family Guy’ season finale: Stewie goes back in time for a ‘Downton Abbey' life

Seth MacFarlane voices Stewie on Family Guy
Photo by Angela Weiss

The fans of “Family Guy” know that Stewie is the main reason that parents discourage youngsters from having time machines. The FOX family offers up a few good laughs and some great moments, but it is Stewie who sometimes goes off causing unnecessary trouble with his time machine. According to Comic Book on Sunday, there is going to be a “Downton Abby” moment for fans as Stewie heads back in time.

As fans always are surprised to see when Stewie gets angered, strange things start happening. This happens once again in the “Family Guy” season finale episode called “Chap Stewie.” Fans who don’t want to know the details about the show should turn away now as this spoiler offers a sneak peek.

When Peter and Chris interrupt Stewie’s TV time, the angry baby gets a little hot under the collar. Deciding to change what has happened to his life, goes back in time to break up Peter and Lois, so he’s never conceived. While his plan sounded good, Stewie ends up being reborn into a “Downton Abbey”-type of British household. Apparently he won’t have any television at all when it comes to this time period and the lifestyle of the locals.

As the fans of “Family Guy” watch the season come to a close, they are reminded that the time machine has offered many interesting rides into the past (and future.) However, this time it appears that Stewie is in over his head and to get out he might need some help to make it all come together and get back home to watch television.

“Family Guy” will return to FOX in the fall. Seth MacFarlane and the gang were renewed for an additional season. According to TV Series finale, the renewal will have the Griffin family continue to be showcased even though the 18-49 demographic has gone down for the show.

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