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‘Family Guy’ reunion? Peter Griffin welcomes Cleveland Brown back to Quahog

Cleveland Brown moves back to Quahog
Cleveland Brown moves back to Quahog
Photo by Jesse Grant

There will be a joyous celebration on “Family Guy” with the upcoming episode offering the return of a popular family to Spooner Street. Cleveland Brown along with his family Donna, Roberta, Cleveland Jr. and Rallo, are all expected to once again be part of the neighborhood as “Family Guy” viewers tune in. According to Entertainment Weekly on Friday, the reintroduction of the character to the show even has a few jokes about the cancellation of “The Cleveland Show” at Cleveland’s expense.

As luck would have it, Cleveland and his family might be back, but on Sunday’s episode Cleveland and Peter aren’t able to talk that much. Peter’s wife, Lois and Cleveland’s wife, Donna, get in a huge fight. Putting their foot down, they tell their husbands that they can’t hang out together, even though everyone lives close by. To enjoy each other’s company once again, Cleveland and Peter put together a plan to bring the ladies back together again.

While the fans always have loved the fun connection between Peter and Cleveland, the “The Cleveland Show” didn’t seem to work well as the fans didn’t move with the Brown family. Leaving tough choices with poor rating, the show was cancelled and some fans thought the characters were done. However, moving the Brown family back to Quahog, Rhode Island is pretty creative for the writers of the show and it reminds everyone that Cleveland is still a big part of the “Family Guy” story. And people are tuning in to see Cleveland Brown return.

Will Cleveland and Peter be able to talk again on “Family Guy”? Fans who love the characters of the show are counting on Peter to come up with a plan (and as we all know he always does, but some work better than others.)

“Family Guy” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.