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Family fun that will truly move you

Rollerblading fun
Karen Winfrey

Now that the holidays are over, Christmas break is coming to a close, and things are slowly returning to some form of normalcy most people want to settle down and relax from the hustle and bustle. However kids never settle too easily, they are constantly in motion. So if you’re looking for an activity to keep them (and the family) busy that is inexpensive, fun, not too time consuming, inside away from the snow and cold, and provides plenty of exercise too; well look no further. How does skating to your favorite tunes sound?

Skate City is an entertaining place to skate, eat, and play games, and all at a minimal price that will help you honor those money-saving resolutions. Skate City - Aurora, located at 15100 E. Girard Ave. Aurora, CO 80014 has a sweet deal for family fun. Saturday’s 10:00AM – 12:00PM children skate for $5.00, while parents/adults skate for free, with a $1.50 skate rental fee. Bring your own roller skates or rollerblades and there is no fee for parents/adults accompanying kids. Another nice bonus is if you want to stay for another 2 hour session you are welcome to do this for simply $1.50 per person. The games are minimal but the kids love them and they can actually earn enough tickets to purchase prizes, unlike some fun centers that require an enormous amount of tickets to purchase the smallest of prizes. As an added benefit their pizza is pretty delicious. They also offer plenty of other special skate sessions listed on their website.

So plan a weekend, grab your family and some socks, and get going. I mean get rolling.

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