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Family fun: Follow the leader

Family Fun Night
Family Fun Night

One of the toughest things that parents must teach their children is when to follow and when and how to lead. Successful adults can do both, and they know when to do each one. Family Fun Night can be a great time to teach some of these skills. Everyone plays Follow the Leader when they’re kids. This week’s family fun night offers a variation on that old game.

Each member of the family gets to be the leader for a specified period of time. If you have younger children, keep the time short…about 15 minutes per family member. If you have older children, the time could be a little longer…about 30 minutes per family member.

Rule 1: The entire family must participate in the activity that the leader chooses.
Rule 2: Mom and Dad go first. This helps instill in children that parents are the leaders of the home.
Rule 3: When you are the leader, you must pick an activity that everyone can participate in.

Follow the leader provides a great opportunity for parents to get closer to their children. You can just relax and play with your kids, and you can also see what interests them and what they are enjoying.

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