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Family-friendly, redemptive movies do well at box offices

Blessings for redemptive movies
Blessings for redemptive movies
Photo by Stewart F. House

Heaven Is for Real with Greg Kinnear , which is a $12 million dollar film, has brought in $21.5 million in its five-day opening, during the Easter Season. Roma Downey and Mark Burnett's Son of God with a budget of $22 million has brought in $26 million on its first weekend. God’s Not Dead, a $2 million film, now playing in 1,860 locations, has made nearly $41.5 million in just four weekends in theaters. On its opening weekend Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier with a budget of 170 million has brought in $96 million in its first three days in theaters.

When we pay for tickets in a movie theater, we are voting for that movie and contributing to ongoing showings, distribution. and copies of the movie. How well a movie does in its opening weekend affects the ability of movie producers and their investors to show and distribute their films. How a film does at the box office on its opening weekend affects how many more theaters pick up the film, how long the film stays in theaters, and ultimately how it is distributed.

Consumers' voices and desires for hopeful, uplifting, redemptive movies has been heard, as consumers have spoken with their payments for tickets, with their Likes and visits to movie pages, feedback at preliminary screenings and more. Further, enables consumers to bring the movies they want to see on big screens to their local theaters and to reserve their tickets.

"Seatzy™ is first and foremost a platform for movie goers that will allow all of us to participate in the process of supporting the films we love by...

-Reserving tickets in advance so producers will know when and where to open a film (and where not to open it).

-Reserving tickets for friends who live somewhere else Starting a social media campaign to bring the movie to your city or any other city of your choice

-Donating tickets or to the cause behind the movie if you feel so inclined..."

Numerous, outstanding, redemptive movies produced by Texans have been available on to be brought to local theaters and to provide reserved tickets.

Last fall The Christmas Candle was available through Seatsy. This spring Return to the Hiding Place is available and this June Alone Yet Not Alone is available. Soon Beyond the Farthest Star and Unlimited will be available through Seatsy. All of these redemptive movies have been produced by Texans. See, where you will find other good movies that Seatsy has supported.

The Texas Film Commission,, provides many film resources: job listings, crew directory, location services and much more.

For further information, contact me, Dr. Diane Howard, at See my recent publications and film resources at

See ongoing work on professional, inspirational, redemptive movies on my Pro Films Facebook site, .

We can support good film work on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) by Liking and visiting the IMDb pages of the following: films, filmmakers, actors, crew, casting directors, agents... Please support good actors, film, and production companies on, Facebook, and Twitter.

I am on IMDb, as a dialogue/dialect/acting coach and actor for feature films, .

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