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Family friendly easy camp meals

When you are planning a family camping trip, fun meals are a must for active little kids. Here are some great meal ideas for families with children who like to play with their food.

First, we have pizza on a stick. This is a great option, because who doesn’t like pizza? It’s simple in that everyone can make their own, exactly the way they like it. The basic materials needed are:

A wooden dowel (any craft or hardware store carries them for next to nothing)

Oven friendly crescent rolls, the kind you roll yourself. (Any brand will do)

Pizza toppings! Make sure it’s nothing that has to be cooked beforehand. Pepperoni, deli ham slices, cheese, peppers and veggies work well. Also, don’t forget the pizza sauce! Alfredo sauce is great too, as well as garlic, or ranch dressing for some fun dipping options.

Simply unroll the dough; usually it comes already rolled, but not separated. Use one rectangle, or two rolls, and put your pizza fixings on top, sans sauce (if you roll the sauce in too, it becomes a gooey mess). Place the dowel in the center and roll the whole pizza around the stick, then roast over the fire till golden brown, and cooked through. Bring out your dipping sauces and enjoy!

Another great meal for families is campfire pockets or ‘meat boats’. These give a whole new meaning to the term ‘playing with your food’. You will need the following:

Ground meat-Beef is probably best

Veggies, potatoes, and spices if you like

Heavy duty tin foil

Shape your boat, remember to leave a space or pocket in the middle for all your veggie ‘pirates’ and potato ‘shipmates’. Once you’ve added the crew, securely wrap in tinfoil and place on the hot coals close to the campfire- not in the flames, which will result in burnt food. If you can use a grill over the flames, that would work too. It should cook for 30-45 minutes depending on heat.

Finally, who could forget smore’s for desert? They are a great way to finish off any campfire. For an extra bonus, try roasting peeps instead of marshmallows!

Happy Trails!

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