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'Family Feud' fail: Woman can't even get 18 points to win the money

Steve Harvey host of 'Family Feud'
Steve Harvey host of 'Family Feud'
Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

In a total "Family Feud" fail, a woman couldn't even get 18 points to win the game. On Thursday, USA Today shared about the game that turned out to be one of the most shocking ever on the show. This is something she will never live down.

Anna Sass had to get 18 points to win the money for her family. If she did it, they would get $20,000 to split with her family. Her other family member had already picked up 182 points for them which is huge. This should have been easy, but it was not at all for her.

One of the questions was to simply name an insect that makes noise. She passed on this question and didn't even come up with an answer. That one wasn't that hard. Anna got zero points. She was not able to score on any of the questions. This video has now gone viral and she will never live it down. This is probably the biggest fail in the history of the show. USA Today has the video if you want to see it.