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Family eats meat laced with LSD, hospitalized: Labor induced for pregnant mom

Family eats meat laced with LSD.
Family eats meat laced with LSD.
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A Tampa, Florida family is hospitalized after eating meat that was laced with LSD. The family, including a pregnant woman, a man and two children, started hallucinating after eating dinner, according to ABC News on March 8.

Doctors at the hospital determined it was LSD that the family had ingested. It was found in the meat they had eaten for dinner. The thin-cut bottom round steak was purchased at Walmart and they report that there had been no other reports of LSD laced meat.

Walmart said that the meat comes to their store already packaged, so their employees don’t handle unwrapped meat. Walmart is cooperating with the local authorities around this incident.

The meat supplier has not had any other reports of LSD found in the meat they offer, they too are cooperating. At this point no one is sure how the LSD got into the family’s dinner meat, but the Hillsboro County Health Department has joined the Tampa Police in their investigation.

The woman, Jessica Rosado, 31, who was nine months pregnant, was induced into labor. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Her boyfriend, Ronnie Morales, 24, and Rosado’s two other children, Elyana Serrano, 7, and Rayna Serrano, 6, were all ill and suffering from hallucinations. The family received tracheal intubation and have all been released from the hospital.