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Family dumps purebred golden retriever at high kill shelter: No reason given

Marley's ex-owners lied to the kill shelter where they told the staff they had found this beautiful golden retriever roaming the streets.
One Step Closer Animal Rescue

A one-and-a-half-year-old purebred golden retriever had been turned into a high-kill animal shelter by a family who stated they found the dog running loose in the streets. Although the dog had a micro chip, the former owners had never registered it, and so the shelter looked no further.

Fortunately the beautiful golden coated pooch was rescued on Thursday by One Step Closer Animal Rescue in Sparta, N.J. who thought for sure the dog's family must have been frantic about the loss of such a beautiful and gentle soul. Once the dog arrived at the rescue, some clever detective work began. The dog's chip had not been registered, but the group was able to track down the chip manufacturer, who in turn supplied the information for the pet store where the chips were initially purchased. Once the pet store was notified, they in turn notified the owners of the dog whose records revealed the dog, now named Marley, was born on January 25, 2013 and had been sold as a bouncing, adorable puppy on March 31 - just eight-weeks old.

Apparently not; here's another story of irresponsible owners who should never be allowed the privilege of being a human companion to any pet. On One Step Closer Animal Rescue's Facebook, the rest of the story sadly unfolded:

"Turns out it was his "family" that brought Marley to the high-kill shelter and lied to them about finding him on the street. They didn't give the store a reason why they did it, but they made it clear they did not want him back. Marley is a beautiful, sweet dog. Why they would dump him at a high-kill shelter is something we will never understand, but we will make sure he finds a family that loves and appreciates him."

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