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Family dog tests positive for drugs

Mattie is an eleven month old labrador retriever.
Mattie is an eleven month old labrador retriever.
Mail Online

Mail Online reports an Albuquerque, New Mexico dog has tested positive for drugs. Single mother, Arlene Saiz, took Mattie, her eleven month old labrador retriever to the veterinarian, after noticing strange behavior from the dog. Saiz, 30, claims Mattie became "unsteady" on her feet during a walk, started twitching, and was barely able to stand. Saiz told Mail Online Mattie could hardly hold her head up, prompting her to take the dog to the vet. Testing revealed the pup had marijuana and cocaine in her system on January 7, 2014.

Mattie will be put up for adoption
Mail Online

Officials were called and seized the dog after Saiz signed her rights away. Later, she told KOAT she regretted her decision and says she was coerced into signing, seeing that as the only way to save the dog's life. City officials have cared for the dog since Tuesday, who has since suffered from seizures and an infection. The NY Post reports the mother is now suing to gain possession of Mattie.

“I want her back because my daughter is devastated",

Saiz told KOAT. The city said it’s too late. When the waiver was signed, it meant Saiz can't adopt from the city for a year, and that can't be reversed. Mattie will either be handed over to a rescue agency or put into the adoption program. They also indicated Mattie wasn’t licensed or spayed.

Police found no evidence to file charges against Saiz, who said she doesn’t know how Mattie consumed the drugs, but said she'd take a drug test if it meant getting her back. She suspects someone tampered with Mattie's food in their backyard. Since the dog was taken, investigators came to the Siaz residence to check on the welfare of her daughter.

WWLP reports Mattie is going to be okay.

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