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Family dog surrendered to high kill shelter because of personal problems

Meet Rogue, a very sweet four-year-old who is slated to be euthanized tomorrow because her former owner had "personal problems."
Meet Rogue, a very sweet four-year-old who is slated to be euthanized tomorrow because her former owner had "personal problems."
Urgent Death Row Dogs Part 2 New York City Animal Care and Control

Does a dog understand, as she innocently looks up into the eyes of a technician administering a fatal dose of pentobarbitol, that her owner and the person she trusted is responsible for her last breath?

Does a dog understand that the human she loved dropped her off at a high kill animal shelter in New York fully understanding that the chances of a pit bull type breed walking out alive with a new family are extremely slim?

Yet day after day, dog after dog, owners take the easy way out and drop off these sentient beings at high kill shelters, fill out a short form and release of responsibility and ownership, and never turn around to say goodbye.

Meet four-year-old Rogue; a female gray brindle and white pit bull mix. "Personal problems" from her family are supposedly the reason Rogue ended up at New York City Animal Care and Control on Feb. 15, but now there is no more room for her, and the staff has signed her death warrant.

No one ever came for Rogue. A volunteer writes this:

"All she knows is that the people she trusted to keep her safe, the people she loved with all her heart, brought her to the gates of hell, pushed her in, and walked away."

Rogue can be adopted by anyone, and has lived with a family with one child. She may not get along with other dogs.

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A volunteer, however who has personally spent time with Rogue posted the following on the dog's thread:

" I've walked Rogue a few times and I adore her!! She was very shy at first but warms up and is all wags and love. I'm not sure about the truth to the blanket statement of her not liking other dogs... I had her around a neutered male and she seemed friendly and interested. Maybe she is dog selective. Owner clearly used her for breeding. She's very beautiful, stocky lady and so sweet."

Here is information about adopting Rogue. If interested in giving this beautiful dog a home, please act quickly.

YOU CAN ADOPT RIGHT NOW!!! This Dog is on the ACC website. A $50 deposit with a credit card is needed. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST GET TO THE SHELTER YOURSELF WITHIN 48 HOURS TO COLLECT. Same person who puts the deposit must pick up the dog. Please click the below link to log-in with your information and view the At Risk animals. Remember, this site is available each day from between 6:00 pm to 12:00 noon the following day. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the link. .
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For more information on Rogue, please click here. Please refer to A0991729.

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