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Family dog shot and killed after family moves into new home

Rest in peace Delilah
Rest in peace Delilah
Via 6 abc news

According to Monday's 6 ABC News, a couple's dog was shot and killed by a Columbus, Ohio, police officer on Sunday.

Tragedy struck when Brittnay Bergman and Dustin Ramsey, who had just moved into their new home, were paid a visit by a police officer who was responding to a report that a U-Haul moving truck was blocking traffic.

After the officer knocked on the door, the couple's boxer, "Delilah," darted around her guardians and through the open door.

Delilah growled at the officer and ran...

Ramsey stated:

She jumped off the porch, growled at him. Put herself in the corner of our fence and greenhouse,"

In response to the growl, Delilah was shot multiple times.

The couple described the devastating shooting:

Shot at the dog nine times. She got nipped once with the first shot. Then the second shot dropped her,

He [officer] said that he felt like his life was in jeopardy and that he was coming from a high stressful situation,"

The devastating shooting has left the couple heartbroken, and wishing that they could live somewhere other than in their new home.

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