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Family dog fatally mauls baby

Baby mauled to death by dog
Baby mauled to death by dog
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Update 6/11/14: According to Wednesday's publication of the Oakland Press, the infant's name was William Garrison - his funeral will be held Friday, June 13. The family's dog was euthanized on Wednesday.

According to Detroit News, on Sunday, a family's Catahoula hound mauled a baby boy in Davisburg, Mich., and the infant has died from the injuries.

According to My Fox Detroit, the dog who attacked the two-and-a-half-month-old baby had a prior bite history.

According to the police, the baby was being held by an uncle at the time that the dog attacked - it apparently happened so fast that nobody "saw it coming." The baby's father was injured while trying to pry the dog off of the baby.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard stated:

The father was so busy trying to wrestle the baby out of the mouth of the dog he ended up needing stitches in his hands. So, the dog wouldn't release,"

"Pets are animals and they may see this baby coming newly into the house either as a toy, could be about the size of their toy, or as a territorial challenge, that it's something else coming into their territory challenging for the attention of the adult."

Oakland County Animal Control seized the dog and as soon as the family signs off, the dog will be euthanized.

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