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Family dog attacked by pack of coyotes in Pembroke

Max recovering after surgery from a coyote attack.
Max recovering after surgery from a coyote attack.
Gary Higgins / The Patriot Ledger

A seven year old dog named Max is recovering from a four-hour surgery to repair severe injuries from a coyote attack that happened on the night of June 4, 2014 in Pembroke, Mass., according to The Patriot Ledger. Max, a 35-lb shiba inu, suffered massive injury to his chest, abdomen, head and throat, and is currently at the VCA Robert's Animal Hospital in Hanover.

Max and his owner, Jonathan Pratt, were outside Wednesday night when Max heard a noise in a nearby bush and took off to investigate. Pratt could hear fighting and Max crying. The coyotes scattered and Pratt rushed Max to the emergency hospital. It didn't look promising but Max pulled through.

Veterinarian Joe Martinez said it was the worst coyote attack he has seen in which the animal lived and he is not out of danger yet. Max has internal bleeding, bruising and infection, but is a fighter. His medical costs are expected to be about $7,500.

Coyotes are not uncommon on the South Shore and they are often heard howling in the distance. This Examiner hears them all the time. Packs of coyotes have been seen traveling through yards in Weymouth to get from one area of woods to the other, typically following the paths of the deer.

According to Marion Larson of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, the Eastern coyote will go after dogs of any size, but mostly to protect their territory. The Eastern coyote is a mix of the wolf-coyote and the gray wolf.

It is important to never leave your pets unattended in your yard. Humans are a threat to coyotes and they will typically not approach if one is around.

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