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Family craft: Fun, easy, no-sew garden scarecrow

Tired of filling up bag after bag with leaves and hauling them to the trash? Now you and the kids can do something useful and fun with them. No, I don't mean jump in them, although that's fun too. In fact, for more fun, allow the kids to play in the leaves before starting this project. Following is a fun and easy way to make a no-sew garden scarecrow that the kids can help with.

-- 1 pair of old jeans
-- 1 skein of yarn
-- 1 pair of scissors
-- 1 old long-sleeved shirt
-- 1 full head Halloween or dress up mask
-- 1 straw hat
-- 1 old belt
-- 1 broom

Before getting started, you'll need a good amount of leaves. Since it's fall, it should be fairly easy to rake up plenty in the yard. Don't worry about bagging them up. This project can be constructed right near the pile of leaves.

First, take the pair of jeans and secure the bottoms of the legs by tightly tying each end closed with the yarn. Leave about four inches of jean material under where the knot is tied. Take the scissors and cut strips all around that section to create a fringed look. Set that section of the garden scarecrow aside for a moment.

Now the ends of the sleeves on the shirt need to be tied as well. Also fringe those, like with the jeans. Tie the bottom of the shirt together with yarn now and fill the shirt with leaves. Leave a few inches unfilled at the top. Now fill the jeans as well leaving some space above the waist. Set the shirt inside the jeans and secure the two pieces of the garden scarecrow together with a belt, so that it looks like a person with a tucked in shirt.

Stick the broom through the top of the shirt down into the jeans. Cut an opening at the back of the jeans for the broom handle to come through. The top part of the broom should be sticking out the shirt. Place the mask over that part and pot the hat on it. Now the scarecrow is ready to be placed in the garden.

*This article was originally published by Lyn Lomasi on Associated Content from Yahoo!


  • Jenny Wagner 4 years ago

    What a cute idea! Are all your Examiner articles showing up okay? I've been having to repost my older work because nothing is accessible from Google.

    Columbus Home Improvement Examiner

  • Profile picture of Carol Gibson
    Carol Gibson 3 years ago

    Would it scare off the rabbits in the garden? Sounds fun.

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