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Family Court : Wake up, speak up, stop the seances (Part I in a series)

Seances..... why is the public waiting for a magic hand to deal with child rights problems?
Seances..... why is the public waiting for a magic hand to deal with child rights problems?

Just where did children's rights as a priority for Oklahoma go? Where did children's rights come from? Why are children's rights in family court, child protective services court and civil court so odd or absent, nationwide?

Kate Barnard caught the USA drift early on this kind of problem. She was extreme, cutting edge advocate for social justice at the inception of Oklahoma as it changed from Territory to State, so that would be in the early 1900's.

That was in an era where women could neither vote, or in many states hold any elected office.Kate Barnard ran, and won. She broadcast education about a variety of more suitable standards for a mostly unstructured prairie community. Something of a call to arms, to introduce safety and productivity and to ensure longevity IN the community instead of incarcerated. Kate Barnard stepped up for mandated education, children's charities, child labor laws and juvenile courts among other things.

Kate Barnard believed that other women, particularly women's social clubs, had the power to influence social change at a political level. (Though she was encouraging regarding this, Miss Bernard was never in her lifetime a member of or known to affiliate ever with any woman.)

Miss Barnard also noted that mostly women in these groups seemed to "drink pink tea and make meaningless resolutions in grave discussions without results". ( sic) (One Woman's Political Journey by Lynn Musslewhite and Susan Jones Crawford.)

This meant to Miss Barnard, the women were "holding seances" instead of acting themselves. Waiting for some alternate power to bring forward change, instead of mobilizing their every human energy and dollar towards planning and executing change.

Seances were popular as a parlor game, about that same time, and involved meetings, in circles with little or no meaningful talking going on as the group waited for an external and unseen hand to change or interject.

Is this still happening?

Dr. Michelle Alexander has given a wonderful conceptualization of this circumstance in modern day times, as a backwash of multiple prior solved or reduced issues re-emerging as unwitting US citizens slept with The New Jim Crow

This series will attempt to look at what may lie at the bottom of a very specific child rights issue in family court that seems to have grown and grown over the past 30 years or so. Is it a fluke? Is it maximization of happenstance with clever lawyers catching loop holes? One state calls it racketeering? Others question if it is an underpinning of networks of child sex trafficking.

No Way Out But One gave a first look at this as a case study provided recently as a documentary. Shedding light on a concept. But it did not answer the origin of the problem.

Most of these cases are admittedly complex. However, a case recently came by in IOWA that illustrates this profile rather simply, and allows questions to be posed in ways that this writer has never seen anyone consider before aloud or in print.

For clarification, this is not a legal document, scholarly work nor probably even news. It will distill to a question which perhaps can be pushed forward by the public to get some better answers about child human rights, child justice and family court, particularly with regards to child sex assault of any grade ( so anything from sexualized conversations/grooming to molestation to rape/sodomy), child sex trafficking and child pornography.

Though these cases are not limited to one gender, this example above and hosts that as quality available point of presentation. So understand, these actions could easily be male on female, and most reported cases are that get press time are. But it can also be female on male, so please readers look for the core message and question and do not stop on gender as a bias to balk or refuse or misunderstanding the question.

This recent and exceptionally produced video on domestic violence and sexual assault sums it the spectrum of issues in a compelling way, calling the public to action and dovetails .... as many of these cases begin with parental domestic violence.

Treatise of silence..... the narrator says.......... Family, friends, employers, clergy, social services, judges, police, schools, advocacy groups. NINE. watch that number 9. He says them all. 9.

In this clip, created by Pawhuska native, Indigenous Artist, Thomas Ryan Red Corn, let this spring board begin the current echo of Kate Barnard call and Dr Michelle. Alexander echo ..............

Wake Up! Speak Up! for child human rights in family court because literally, noone else is getting to the bottom of the problem in this ongoing urging for a national campaign for clarity. 7th and finale in series

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