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Family Circus: This is how Jeffy learned to kill

A troubled Jeffy from 'Family Circus' kills tiny creatures to take his mind off the voices in his head

Something's wrong with Jeffy.

Little Jeffy from "Family Circus" has never been the most stable of characters. He is prone to extreme bouts of rage, likes to saunter about in the nude,and sometimes likes to indulge in being something of a badass.

But he's never displayed psychopathic tendencies. Until now, that is.

Take a gander at the May 20th episode of "Circus," in which a once-innocent Jeffy appears to be frying bugs to death with the aid of a handy magnifying glass. "Bugs aren't as cute when you look at 'em up close," he utters to what must be an imaginary friend, citing a reason for his new murder spree.

Jeffy isn't as cute when you look at him up close, either.

We hope Thel and Bil Keane will whisk their young charge to the nearest psychiatrist, where a trained professional can help Jeffy deal with a decades-long childhood spent hanging out with a fictitious friend named "Not Me" and several ghosts of dead grandparents. No wonder Jeffy is effed up.

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