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Family cat dramatically rescues 4-year old boy from attacking dog

A dramatic video making the rounds of the Internet shows a cat rescuing a little boy from an attacking dog. The dog, which belonged to a neighbor, stalked the little boy from on the other side of a large SUV, and then ran around the SUV, up to the boy, and grabbed him by his leg. The boy's family's cat intervened.

Don't mess with cats, especially fiercely loyal cats.
Patrick Mitchell

The whole dramatic scene played out in a Bakersfield, Calif., neighborhood. The boy, Jeremy, is only four years old, and appeared to be unaware that the dog was stalking him until he attacked him. He was on his way home from school, and riding his bike.

According to ABC23, Bakersfield's ABC affiliate, Jeremy's mother, Erika, was watering a tree nearby when she heard his screams. She didn't know what all had happened until her husband showed her the surveillance video from their cameras later on. Jeremy's father said that he'd never seen a cat do anything their cat, Tara, did.

Tara was merely defending her best friend in the whole world. Jeremy needed some stitches, but otherwise, he'll be fine. The dog will suffer a different fate. ABC23 reports that he's currently in quarantine, and will be put down in 10 days.

Jeremy said, "Tara is my hero." And a hero, she certainly is.

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