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Family Business: A new film project worth paying attention to

A new feature is gearing up, and it's something you should pay attention to. Family Business is a new film, by a Hofstra Film School Graduate, The Upstate Kid.

Family Business takes place at the family's lake home in the middle of winter, which is a very intriguing setting. It's about a divorced mother and father, and their son and daughter, attempting to reconcile over the course of Christmas Day.

The Upstate Kid shared with me why this project is so important to him, and something that audiences can really connect with, "In the two plus years it's taken to get Family Business off the ground, we've been very blessed to be able to assemble such a talented and passionate team. We have four great actors and a true wunderkind cinematographer coming in from Peru for our project. The script is very personal to my life and where I come from, and I feel very lucky to be surrounded by a team that's frankly, so much more talented than I am."

Family Business has a great cast and crew - Writer/Director: The Upstate Kid Producer: Patrick H. Phelan Cinematographer: Cesar Fe Starring: Eliza VanCort as the mother Kevin Barbaro as the father Hugh Wilhelm as the son Shannon Burke as the daughter.

If you are interested in getting updates on this new project, check out the Facebook page. It's well maintained, and a great place, not only to find out about the film, but get involved in great film discussion.You can find it here. Getting involved with film projects while they are still in development is an exciting opportunity for movie lovers. It can give you a better idea of what is going into the project, and why you can be excited about it. If you've never followed a film project before you've seen it in theaters or at a festival, this is a great film to start with.

If you'd like to follow The Upstate Kid on Twitter, check it out here:

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