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Families of missing airliner are desperate for answers

Five days have passed and the families of Malaysian flight 370 are desperate for answers. The seemingly normal flight left early Saturday morning from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. The last communication from the airline reported no problems, and then, less than an hour into the flight, the airliner disappeared. Despite the massive search, which has included 10 countries, 239 passengers and crew are still missing this morning. It appears to have disappeared without a trace.

Speculation has given way to wild theories and bizarre guesses. In addition to the ongoing rumors of hijacking, terrorism, a suicidal pilot, or perhaps, being shot down by a military jet. Some are now even suggesting that a meteor just happened to be going in the same direction and slammed into the plane. There’s a higher probability that Santa and his reindeer would slam into a plane.

Lastly, there are those who want to blame it on the aliens. That theory seems as likely as some of the others. In fact, in the last 70 years there are a number of planes that have gone missing and aliens have been suggested many times. One has to wonder if UFO lovers are simply trying to keep their fascination alive, or if there is something the rest of us are missing.

On January 26, 1950, a Douglas C54D Sky Master, with 44 passengers and crew, left Alaska for Montana. Like the Malaysian flight 370, the weather was fine and two hours into the flight the crew reported no problems. There has never been any trace of the plane or its occupants. There were, however, two official reports of UFO sightings at the time of the flight and in the flight area. These sightings were made by soldiers at the base. Colonel Lester Mathison reported the he saw three orange cigar-shaped UFO’s flying in tandem above the base. Another aircraft mystery, a real bonanza for UFO enthusiasts, is Flight 19. On the afternoon of December 5th, 1945, six Navy planes, which included 14 crew, simply vanished and the story of the Bermuda Triangle began. The weather was fine and the training flight was being led by an experienced flight instructor. Later, radio transmissions suggested that the pilots were disoriented, compasses weren’t working correctly, and they were not able to determine landmarks. Nearly 70 years later, no trace has ever been found of any of the planes, and now, there exists a long list of missing ships that were also lost in the same vicinity. Alien believers have created a theory that the Bermuda Triangle is a base for UFOs. It does make you wonder.

The families of Malaysian flight 370 want answers and they want to find their loved ones. This mystery needs to be solved. It matters how it happened. Families need to know so they can dismiss these ridiculous notions and find some comfort.

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