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Families at War

Many families in Salt Lake City spend years battling the issue of anger. Family ties are what shape a family unit, but when a family’s biggest tradition is being angry with one another, it can spread through the generations and become hard to contain.

Our earliest experiences with communication happen between family members. Any patterns of anger in those familial relationships are mirrored to young children who in turn recreate the angry emotions in later relationships. Fortunately, Salt Lake City has many resources for families looking to end the angry family system.

Family members that have an anger problem are typically aware that hey are having trouble controlling their angry emotions. The problem is that they feel the anger in them is an unchangeable part of who they are. They might feel hopeless to change, but change is possible.

Many mental health professionals in Salt Lake City have been able to aid families seeking help for individuals in the family unit that are suffering from moderate to sever conflict. These professionals will be able to set out a well-designed counseling program that may include both individual and family counseling sessions.

Family counseling is a way to repair any damage that has occurred from angry feelings and behavior. It is not uncommon for long-term anger issues to drive a wedge between family members.

Family counseling professionals can help families to identify anger patterns that could be passed from one generation to another. One way to do this is to talk with each family member and find out how emotions are expressed. Family counseling considers each member’s role in any anger interactions rather than blaming any single person for the anger prevalent in a family unit.

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