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Familiarize yourself with a better way of life

Visualize yourself into the new. You get to decide what the better way of life is. What you are doing when you visualize yourself with the new is making yourself dissatisfied with the old. You see you won’t grow; you can get stuck, until you become unhappy with the old ways of doing things or how your life is going.

When I was “stuck,” someone very close to me told me it doesn’t matter how many times people around you tell you that you need to take some action in your life to get out of your current situation. No one can tell you when that time is going to be right, but you. When you get tired of dealing with it over and over again you will make the decision to do something about it. That’s the first step in seeing yourself in a new situation.

Self-talk is a powerful thing If self-talk is so powerful, self-seeing or visualizing is just as powerful. It affects how you think and your behavior. So when you set goals for yourself and visualize what it is that you want for your future by creating a new picture for your subconscious, you are changing your performance reality.

Practice making the unfamiliar familiar That’s the ticket. Change may be hard that’s why people stay the same. That self-talk will tell you that you are out of your “comfort zone.” But maybe the life you are living every single day is harder, and it is no longer working for you to be in life that way. You practice going into your new way of life by visualizing it. Making yourself comfortable with the end results, in other words your recovery point, which you are seeking. Now you have expanded your comfort zone.

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