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Famed Ohio Singer Paul Skowron Set To Release First Solo Record

Live on stage
Live on stage

Niles ,OH- My year has just been made . One of my favorite Rock N Roll singers Paul Skowron, has just been slated to release his first solo record .Paul Skowron the voice of the legendary Youngtown ,Ohio band White Noise and the singer behind one of the best and last hair metal bands of the 90’s Noisy Mama (signed to Atco Records ) has finally decided to give the fans something they have asked for a long time . Paul Skowron’s “Resurrection Road” is a labor of love for both the music inside of him and his fans . The idea came about over the last few years when Paul was recording a reunion album from his classic “White Noise “days after many requests from fans and soon the music bug was reignited in him. One of the greatest singers to ever grace the stage ,imagine Steven Tyler but from the rust belt . The new album will feature over 30 musicians collaborating on a trial and error basis over many months and it just works . This is the Mona Lisa of long awaited solo albums .Paul has had a lot of friends help him accomplish this dream and one of his biggest and most loyal supporters was behind him all the way . I am talking about marketing guro Paul Unger . Paul started the Noisy Mama fan club long before the internet and continued his love of music to go on and create Noisy Fans Of America which was hard to find music one stop shop . In the days before the internet we actually had to work to create music contacts and Paul was one of the best to know . Pre-orders are now talking place for Paul Skowron’s Resurrection Road via Paul Unger’s face book page , to find out all the details please check out