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Famed Breakers Hotel site of prostitution arrests: Upscale retreat drama

Hotel in Palm Beach site of arrest for prostitution.
Commons Wikimedia

The Famed Breakers Hotel was the site of prostitution arrests in Palm Beach, Fla. WFTV 9 in Orlando reports May 23 that the upscale hotel is known as a favorite retreat for wealthy guests. As it so happens, the rich like to engage in some pretty salacious activities there as well!

According to Local 10, two arrests were made in the hotel bust. Police made arrests Wednesday morning. Palm Beach police say a Texas man, 55, told them he paid a prostitute to have sex with him for $230. She was a Riviera Beach hooker who's 31-years-old.

Law enforcement was alerted to the report after someone called in about a suspicious car with three men inside it. The car was in the hotel's parking lot.

Both the man and woman were arrested. The hotel guest was charged with solicitation of prostitution and the woman was charged with prostitution.

This infused a little bit of drama at the Famed Breakers Hotel with the prostitution arrests. Whatever this duo did in trying to cover their tracks, it didn't work out too well for them.

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