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Fame and Fortune mean nothing dead

The Amazing Akanas
The Amazing Akanas

Some people make movies for fame and or to make money. Others make movies just for fun. But every once in awhile along comes someone who is driven by a greater force. In the case of Stacy Akana and his family of ten championship level inline speed skaters his motives are only two but each is compelling. Stacy Akana has joined with Burbank, California based Q- Films to make a documentary film depicting the nomadic life of the Akanas as they traverse America to compete in numerous inline speed skating competitions each year. This underscores their one mission, to get their beloved sport of inline speed skating into the Olympic Games.

Their other mission is to wage an effective war against America’s rapidly growing epidemic of childhood obesity. In fact the Centers for Disease Control reports that the degree of teen obesity has soared over 400% in the last 30 years. Knowing this chilling fact is crucial but fixing it takes much more.

“The simple truth is that talking about childhood obesity and citing statistics and even revealing the many health risks it makes worse has not, does not and will not solve the problem. What our years of competitive speed skating has revealed is that by making physical activity fun and leading by example is the most effective and probably only solution.” said team leader Stacy Akana.

So to help launch this fully committed war against childhood obesity the entire Akana family will be live and in person at the Renegade Theatre, 1514 N. Gardner Street, Los Angeles, California 90046 the evening of April 4th at 7:30 PM. Co hosting the show will be television and film star and fitness coach to the stars Jean Paul San Pedro. Also co-hosting will be actor and comedian Allen Rueckert.

Now here is an interesting little factoid. Jean Paul San Pedro turned to physical fitness to regain his life after enjoying a bit too much fun in his youth. Both Ron Irwin (founder of Q Films) and Allen Rueckert have dedicated themselves to much higher levels of physical fitness to combat Type II diabetes. In Irwin’s case he literally dropped dead on December 18, 2012. At that time he weighed over 280 pounds and lived a sedentary life. Today he weighs about 170 and works out every day proving that anyone who wants to can gain or regain good health and enjoy doing it while living a much longer life .

So if you are in the greater Los Angeles area and want to participate in a very cool and fun show, see two major Hollywood talents and meet a truly extraordinary and supremely athletic Akana family get over to the Renegade theatre April 4th. RESERVATIONS ARE ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED and seating is very limited. Tickets are only $10.00 and complete information is available right here >>> .

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