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Fallujah falls to al-Qaeda, Obama goes golfing

Not pictured: Reggie Love
Not pictured: Reggie Love

Keith Koffler sums it up perfectly:

I have finally figured out the Obama Doctrine: Screw up the hard fought gains handed him by George W. Bush.

President Bush left office with al Qaeda desperately trying to blend in with camel herds in the desert and Iraq mostly pacified. Today, none of that is true.

Some history: The first battle of Fallujah was fought from early April to early May 2004. Fifty one members of the United States military were killed in action. In addition, contractors Scott Helvenston, Jerko Zovko, Wesley Batalona, and Michael Teague were murdered, and then had their bodies desecrated by al-Qaeda-affiliated "insurgents." (Democrat propagandist Markos Moulitsas responded to this atrocity by writing, in reference to the dead civilian contractors, "screw them.") American forces eventually withdrew from the city, although they maintained a presence nearby.

The second battle of Fallujah was fought from early November to late December 2004. Ninety five American military personnel died while successfully capturing the city from al-Qaeda. And the city was held from that point on...until now.

One hundred and fifty Americans died fighting for this city, and hundreds more were wounded. And now it has been retaken by the enemy. Commander-in-chief Obama's response: another round of golf.

What an absolute disgrace.

And let's not forget that Obama has worked to fund and arm al-Qaeda "rebels" in neighboring Syria. But none dare call it treason.