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Falls on Grogan Creek

Falls on Grogan Creek
Falls on Grogan Creek
Dan Goodwin

Given the fact it is 2 miles to this waterfall and that you pass right by the 3 cascades on Cedar Rock Creek, you might be hesitant to hike that last mile but the Falls on Grogan Creek are worth it.

The trail head is located, easily enough, in the parking lot of the Pisgah Fish Hatchery. From the entrance into Pisgah National Forest at the intersection of US 64 and US 276 in Pisgah Forest, NC, take US 276 into the Forest for 5.2 miles and turn left at the Fish Hatchery sign and follow the road 1.4 miles to the hatchery.

The trick is that your initial trail for this hike is a loop, Cat Gap Loop, which has a kiosk and trail marker at the back of the parking lot. While this is the right trail, the loop doesn’t start and end at the same place so the kiosk is the wrong place to start. On the opposite end of the parking lot sits the Education Center. There is a paved drive that runs in front of the lawn. Standing on this drive, look left and you’ll see this drive ends at a gate. This is the other end of the loop.

Go around the gate and cross the bridge. You’ll immediately see a trail marker for Cat Cap Loop and its orange blazes. The trail follows a chain-link fenced research area for a good distance. After crossing a bridge over Cedar Rock Creek, you follow the trail about a half mile to the 3 Falls on Cedar Rock Creek. Just past these waterfalls, the trail intersects with the blue-blazed Butter Gap Trail. You quickly cross an open area and begin to follow Grogan Creek through a slow-moving section that contains obvious beaver activity.

In a half mile, you will pass the red-blazed Long Branch Trail coming in on your right. Cross the logs laid in the trail and you will hear water sounds to your left along with a small trail. Ignore the temptation to check this out, this is not the waterfall. Continue up the trail as it bends around to the right and in about 75 yards, you will see the waterfall on your left with a short scramble trail down to the base.

Falls on Grogan Creek is about 20 or 25 feet high with a uniform water flow across the rock face made up of small, multiple rock ledges. The water flow is accented by algae and growth hanging from the ledges that give the water flow a separated, “stringy” look.

The last mile of this hike is quite easy, passing through some very pretty creek bottom land. The beauty of this waterfall is one that should go on your “don’t miss” list for Pisgah.