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Falls Church Arts ‘Bold & Bright' photographic arts

Plush Life by Diana Adams
Plush Life by Diana Adams
James George

When people think about photography these days, they often refer to 'selfies', as the technology is pervasive. Yet, to employ the technology to create works of art remains a creative challenge as well as taxing skill.

To Boldly Go, by Diana Adams
James George

Diana Adams: artist, photographer and Falls Church Arts treasure

Artists are comfortable with their persona, and let their work speak for them. That is Diana Adams. She is in command of technology as she lugs a very heavy Canon camera with a large lens to art openings.

In the Falls Church Arts Bold & Bright show that opened Friday she has three works: Plush Life, To Boldly Go, and Hello Japan. These works are diverse in appearance, however come from a common process.

Shaun van Steyn: artist, photographer also exhibits three works in the juried show: Kaleidoscope, Liquid Cherries, and Lego in Chaos.

Shaun is on the Board of Directors for Falls Church Arts and is a regular fixture as a leader in the arts community.

Interesting is how both of these artist photographers employed elements of “pop culture” in at least one their featured works.

When attending galleries like this, it is an experience to explore and compare various artists to see what they do with a common set of tools and technologies. The outcomes are often quite different and unexpected.