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‘Fallout’ trademark filed for ‘Nuka Cola’ by Bethesda parent company

Photo courtesy of Zenimax Media, used with permission

While Bethesda currently won’t confirm if they are working on a new Fallout game or not, the developer’s parent company Zenimax Media recently began filling new trademarks for the post-apocalyptic franchise. A total of three trademark applications have been submitted according to a report by Game Informer on April 17 which will cover “Nuka Cola,” the iconic soft drink which is still popular within the nuclear wastes of the Fallout series.

Fans of the franchise, who have been hoping to hear an announcement for a new Fallout game since rumors falsely indicated that a new entry in the series would be revealed during last year’s E3 event, will undoubtedly take this news as an indication that the confirmation of another Fallout title is forthcoming. However, the fact remains that Bethesda has stated many times that they simply aren’t ready to reveal any of their currently unannounced projects any time soon.

Providing an update on the situation, a representative from Bethesda reached out to Game Informer on Thursday to clarify that they trademarks were indeed filed on their behalf and were hoaxes. Additionally, the Bethesda rep also said that the trademarks are indicative of any future announcement or possible project with the following comment.

Yet, since it does seem odd that the Zenimax would feel the need to protect just a strangely specific part of the post-apocalyptic franchise, it will be hard to convince those who believe that a new Fallout game is currently in development that this isn’t another clue that another installment is on the way. However, it is equally likely that new “Nuka Cola” merchandising is on the way.

Fallout players have hoped for the announcement of the next Fallout game so fanatically that several hoaxes have circled the internet in the past year ranging from standard rumors to the creation of a fake countdown teaser website. The fact that Todd Howard’s team has moved on to a new mystery project has also heightened speculation as many hope that they are actually working on a new Fallout title. However, gamers will simply have to wait until Bethesda makes an official announcement.