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Fallout Frank, where history and horror converge

Last Saturday The Boston Film Industry Examiner attended the Fallout Frank Casting event. Andrew Shanley, the man behind the project was in fine form as actors and actresses read for parts. Drew’s heart and soul are in this project.

Civil Defense Swag
Fallout Frank, Andrew Shanley

And why not? The concept is original. Shanley has married the post-war US-Soviet un-peace that lasted from about 1945 until the early 90s with prepper horror. To our knowledge, that has not been done before.

Warning, don’t show a movie guy stuff like 50s nuclear paranoia instructional film, Duck and Cover. It could give him ideas and in Andrew’s case, it did.

Think of a guy obsessed with atomic war and fearing the end during the Cuban missle crisis, jumps into a suspension chamber to escape and revive later.

Fast forward a few decades and Fallout Frank awakes. He is radioactive and ready to rumble and inflict maximum horror on the 90s.

If you didn’t get a chance to audition on Saturday, Drew is working on doing some more via Skype.

When the cast is assembled, a trailer will be made and an Indiegogo campaign launched for the project.

More info is at the website, A facebook page is here.

Watch the embedded video as Drew explains the project.

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