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'Falling Skies' to choose to go to the moon

Actor Noah Wyle
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

“Falling Skies,” the TV series about the aftermath of an alien invasion that airs on TNT, took a turn when it aired Sunday. This development will set up a grand finale for the two part season closer that will no doubt also set up things for the fifth and last season to air next year,

Some spoilers follow.

Cochise, the good guy alien ally, has discovered that the evil aliens have established a base on the moon. The base contains the invaders’ main power source, which is beamed to various facilities that they have established on Earth. The setup appears to be similar to a concept developed by Dr. David Criswell, a scientist at the University of Houston at Clear Lake, who envisioned setting up solar collectors on the lunar surface that would beam energy to Earth. Doubtless the aliens have improved on the technology.

If the evil aliens thought that putting their main power source out of reach of the last, rag tag remnants of the human resistance would cause despair, they were sadly mistaken. Tom Mason, played with increasing zest by Noah Wylie, came to a decision. If the key to the aliens’ power is on the moon, then by all means the humans need to travel to the moon and wipe it out.

Mason, no doubt enraptured by the historical moment, stood up on the rubble and gave his best JFK impression. “We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” The rest of the rebels think that their leader has come mad from the strain. Indeed, all the scene lacked was someone channeling Barack Obama. “We have already been there. Buzz (Aldrin) has been there.”

Of course then the proper reaction would have been to curse the current president, since if he had not stopped the return to the moon program we’d have stopped the invasion before it started. But lacking a human built way to return to the moon, it is likely our brave rebels will use a captured alien ship. How is that for taking the fight to the enemy?

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