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'Falling Skies' 'The Eye' review: A new order is coming

'Falling Skies' season 4 episode 2 "The Eye"
'Falling Skies' season 4 episode 2 "The Eye"
TNT, via Twitter

The Sunday, June 29 episode of "Falling Skies," 402, "The Eye," sees Tom and Weaver rejoin the others in general pop in the ghetto camp, and Tom comes up with a plan to get necessary information to plan the big escape. Meanwhile, Ben finds out a few things about Lexi, Anne continues to look for her daughter and we find out a bit more about the youth reeducation camp.

Tom may be the history professor, but he becomes the student as he gets a lesson of his own in this "Falling Skies" episode, courtesy of the Espheni on the Eye in the Sky over the ghetto camp. There is a lot of information thrown at him (and the audience) in that conversation, and it all seems to be setting up what's likely to come at the end of this season/beginning of next (assuming there is a season 5). If that is the case, kudos for already planting the seeds. However, at the same time, how many different forces will humanity have to face? In a way, this could just be a bit too convenient to extend the story.

Then again, you have to ask yourself if the Espheni can even be trusted. Maybe like the lies being told in the reeducation camp, these are the lies being told to the adults, to the rebellion leaders in each camp. For all we know, there's an Espheni having the same conversation with another human in each of the camps set up, and there's one goal: acquiescence. They make these deals. (Then there is the question of this new offensive power station and whether it's something that would be used on humanity or, if the Espheni are telling the truth, this new dangerous force.)

The Espheni's actions lately could point to either (there is a new danger coming or they're trying to control humanity through the leaders of the rebellion) being true. Maybe they haven't killed Tom despite knowing he's dangerous enough he needs to be kept in solitary because they do need him. But then why would they leave everything up on the screens on the ship when they bring him there? Is that just a stupid move or left up on purpose because they want him to see it?

Meanwhile, from the trailers for the season, we knew that the moon was going to be something important, and it's popped up multiple times, as something the characters are looking at (or manipulating in some way, as we saw with Lexi), in these first two episodes. Like the conversation on the ship, it's something that seems to be setting up what's still to come.

Then there's whatever's going on with Lexi. With each scene in Charleston, something seems to be building, and the meeting at the end seems to be nothing more than just a small step to that. On the one hand, this is the more obvious way to go with Lexi; her part-alien side already makes her something unknown, and having something like that meeting confirms that. On the other hand, because this is the obvious path to take with her, it just means that something else has to be going on, and what we see from Lexi when there's conflict reflects that.

Ready to get into what happened in "The Eye"? Keep reading for the recap.

Ghetto camp reunion When Tom sneaks out as the Ghost again, he not only serves up a plate of Black Hornet, extra-crispy, but he also runs into himself, as his actions have inspired others to step up as well. He still hasn't figure out where the skitters are coming from, but there's no time to do that at the moment because solitary is emptied and they're all tossed out into general pop. While Tom and Weaver are reunited with Hal and Tector, they only have a short amount of time to catch up before a harnessed kid comes down from the ship and tells them that they've let the most ruthless criminals go to hunt down the Ghost. Until he's found, no more food drops and anyone who helps him will be executed.

While Weaver goes off to find Pope and his stash of food, Hal informs Tom that the plan has changed and introduces him to Dingaan. Dingaan shows him the suit that lets him get over the fence, but that's just going to be one step in getting everyone out. They need to distract the skitter guards and figure out how to cut the power from the wall. Fortunately, Dingaan has a short-wave radio that works, so Tom's able to contact Cochise, only to find out that the Espheni are working on a new power station that would allow them to go on offense. The Volm ally does have some good news: he has a good idea of where Matt is. Tom doesn't care what the rest of his unit says, he wants Cochise to go get him immediately, and his friend says he'll leave within the hour.

Then it's time to put the newest plan in action, as Tom reveals himself to be the Ghost and lets the Espheni take him onto their ship. This is when a whole lot of information is thrown at him. The Espheni need him to be part of their war effort. "You will help us thwart a greater common enemy, and in so doing, spare your own family," he is told via a harnessed kid. "The Volm are no match for the danger that's coming. …A force far greater than your mind can comprehend." The Espheni left their galaxy and collected resources along the way in order to defeat them.

"A great battle is coming, and in order to ace it, we are creating a new, elite front line army." The rebel skitters are already part of the cause, genetically altered into mindless drones and completely under their control as the Black Hornets. "We are perfecting a smarter, more plentiful soldier for the fight. Selected human adults. Your bodies are finished growing. Your personalities and predispositions are set," the Espheni continues. "We neglected to strip Karen of free will. We corrected that mistake. We will begin transforming our selected human adults in precisely 48 hours." They've already begun to select the best and brightest, and anyone who resists "will serve in a less conscious form."

If Tom helps, his family will be spared, and the "choice" he's given isn't exactly a choice anyone wants to make: "Your leadership and courage will be invaluable as the crucial human link between our war machine and the new army. Choose, Tom Mason. Evolution or extinction." Then Hal puts his part of the plan in motion, and the Eye in the Sky is attacked, giving Tom the time he needs to get a look at everything up there on the screens, including where the skitters are coming from (an underground hatch) and the tether serving as a power cord for the wall.

Meanwhile, Weaver tracks down Pope, who argues, "You and Mason, in charge all this time, look where we are." (He has a point, but would he really be a better leader?) A group of guys followed them, and it's an all-out fight for Pope's stash, which, Pope reveals once he and Weaver leave, only consists of eight cans of beans. He has a reputation to maintain. Before they can fight, Weaver hears something, and they find an underground tunnel that could come in handy – once they get the wall down, of course.

Once everyone in the ghetto camp is reunited, Tom tells them that he made a deal with the Espheni. They won't fight anymore. However, he knows something the Espheni don't: They're getting out of there.

A road warrior to a fault All Anne wants to do is find her daughter, and that means not stopping, even when she has to give a fellow fighter her water, and losing it when questioning a skitter. Because of this, we see Anthony step up and speak up about what's best for the group, something Anne very much needs with her frame of mind. Her group of fighters comes across a skitter on the road, and after injuring it, Anne questions it instead of killing it right away. Talking through Denny, the skitter reveals that the kids are being taken to reeducation to be successful in the new order, where Espheni and humans will live together, led by the hybrid, their future.

When Anne loses control and kills the skitter, Denny's still linked. Later, Anne admits she lost it, but Denny has more information for her: when they were connected and the hybrid was mentioned, blackness appeared and blocked out the west – and the skitter feared it. They have a direction.

More to peace in Chinatown than meets the eye Dr. Kadar is also in Chinatown, and he has some very bad news for Ben about his younger sister: "She's dying." Everyone there may think that she's God, but she needs someone to tell her the truth because while he was able to monitor her the first few months there, after the mech, everything changed. He can't get near her, and Lourdes has put out orders to keep him away because he upsets Lexi and he's a "non-believer."

Ben and Lourdes have words about him seeing Lexi, but Lexi intervenes and tells him he can come in – but only him. "I answer to a higher power," she informs him, insisting that if they remain peaceful, there will be no war. However, when he comments on her talking like a fortune cookie, she reacts, and when her emotions get the better of her, the world around her reacts as well, only stopping when she calms.

Ben argues that their family is out there, but she assures him, "They're all coming. They'll all be here soon." She agrees to see Dr. Kadar if he wants her to, but after the doctor takes her blood (and there's something not right about it), Lourdes walks in, creates conflict (but, while somehow being weirder now than she was with the eyeworms, is right that Lexi can't consent – she's technically too young – but is wrong that she should be the one who consents for her), and Lexi again reacts, resulting in her blood vial smashing into the wall. The blood then scatters away.

Maggie leaves Lexi sleeping in her bed to join Ben outside in the garden, and after he makes it clear that no one's getting to his sister without going through him, she admits, "It's nice to have another sane person in this place." When she tells him she's glad she's there, he replies, "I'm not, but if I have to be, I'm glad I have you." [Side note: Anyone else find Maggie and Ben's conversations almost tainted in a way because of what's been shown in the promos for this season?]

When Ben goes to check on his sister, however, she's gone, and when he finds her, it's only to see her talking to one of the Espheni. She wants her powers taken away because she's getting stronger and doesn't want to hurt someone. Then she draws the unity symbol in the air.

Graduation from reeducation Matt plays the brainwashed kid flawlessly in front of the class before Kent calls Sheila up because she's graduating. Her mother sent out a message looking for her, so it's up to her to find her, let her bring her back to the other "insurgents" and raise the alarm so they can "save" them. Matt and Mira have just a brief moment to act their ages, holding hands and kissing, before they arrive at their meeting only to find that Skip's not there. Matt sends Mira away just before Kent shows up and tells him that Skip graduated – and there's a new kid coming tomorrow. Kent sees potential in Matt, so he'll be keeping an eye on him, which should probably just be code for, "You're a Mason, you're probably up to something so you must be watched."

"Falling Skies" season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TNT. What did you think of episode 2 "The Eye"?

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