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'Falling Skies' season 4 spoilers: TNT releases episode synopses

'Falling Skies' season 4 premiere "Ghost in the Machine"
'Falling Skies' season 4 premiere "Ghost in the Machine"
James Dittiger, used with permission

The "Falling Skies" season 4 premiere may be about a month away, but that doesn't mean you have to wait any longer to find out what's coming up this summer. On Wednesday, May 21, TNT released episode synopses for the first three episodes of the season, and sure, we may get an idea about some of what's going to happen, but really, we're mostly just left with more questions.

The end of season 3 saw the 2nd Mass on the road again, refusing to take the Volm's offer of sitting out the fight and letting them take care of the enemy threat, but based on what we read in the episode synopses below, the humans are going to have their hands full when it comes to fighting the Espheni, especially since they're going to be separated. Sure, they've had their victories and when Maggie killed Karen, they took out one of the Overlords, but it sounds like something much worse is coming – and there are going to be some changes coming for the 2nd Mass, including a new fighter in Treva Etienne's Dingaan.

These episode synopses tease an attack in the premiere that divides the group, as well as what's coming up for Lexi, Tom and Anne's rapidly growing daughter who will be played by Scarlett Byrne this season. Plus, even though the 2nd Mass (really Tom and Maggie) killed one of the Overlords, the Espheni are very much going to be a problem in season 4.

If you don't want to risk any spoilers for the upcoming season beyond our hints above, consider at least checking out the episode titles (in bold) below. We could spend so much time speculating on episode titles alone, especially when it comes to this TNT hit drama. Here are the episode synopses and air dates from TNT for "Falling Skies" season 4, episodes 1-3:

Season premiere "Ghost in the Machine" (directed by Greg Beeman and written by David Eick, airs June 22): "On the outskirts of Charleston, just steps away from perceived safety, The Mason Clan and the remaining 2nd Mass suddenly find themselves under brutal attack by a new Espheni war machine – and a new, deadly creation unlike anything previously encountered. Divided like chattel and spread to the winds, The Masons must each forge new relationships and abilities to survive. Treva Etienne guest-stars."

"The Eye" (directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan and written by Carol Barbee, airs June 29): "The Espheni reveal their new plan to Tom, and he is faced with an impossible decision. Meanwhile, Weaver and Pope investigate a way out of the Espheni prison, while Matt struggles to hide his true allegiance from the "Team Leaders" at the Espheni Youth Camp. Elsewhere, Anne leads an exhausting search for her daughter Lexi, while Ben's concerns about Lexi's increasing powers uncovers a devastating secret she's been keeping. Treva Etienne and Robert Sean Leonard guest-star."

"Exodus" (directed by Mikael Salomon and written by Josh Pate, airs July 6): "Tom and the 2nd Mass hatch an elaborate plan to escape the confines of the Espheni Ghetto. Meanwhile back in Chinatown, after learning from Ben that Lexi has been keeping a deadly secret, Maggie confronts Lexi publicly. At the Espheni Youth Camp, Matt tries to talk Mira out of a dangerous escape plan. While trekking through the woods with her guerilla fighters, Anne has a flashback to her time in the Espheni Tower with Karen (guest star Jessy Schram), where a terrifying secret about Lexi is revealed. Treva Etienne guest-stars."

"Falling Skies" season 4 premieres June 22 at 10 p.m. on TNT. Head to the comments with your theories about the season based on these episode synopses.

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