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'Falling Skies' season 4: Changes with Alexis and Lourdes

Scarlett Byrne will be playing an adult Alexis on "Falling Skies" season 4
Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Viewers have been waiting a long time for the premiere of "Falling Skies" season 4. There hasn't been very many spoilers for the upcoming season, but according to an April 20 post by SpoilerTV, big changes are coming. So what can fans expect when the science fiction series returns to the air?

When the show returns, Alexis is going to be fully grown. Scarlett Byrne will be playing Tom and Anne's adult daughter and Moon Bloodgood said that Alexis will age six years for every two months on the show. Since the child is half-alien, fans are wondering what her storyline will be.

A preview posted by IGN TV seems to indicate that Alexis has a way to end the war. It would be simple if that is where the story ended. However, if the writers want the series to continue past season 4, then there are probably going to be obstacles.

The website stated that "Falling Skies" season 4 will be filled with female power and they will be the focus of the show this year. Anne will be more of a fighter and will do whatever is necessary to protect Alexis. As for the timeline of the show, the season will begin four months after the season 3 finale.

Another character will also be going through some changes. Lourdes is going to be a new person who will exercise caution and will not want to jeopardize her new peaceful personality. Even with those changes, she will still be extremely loyal to Alexis. Seychelle Gabriel, who plays Lourdes, said about her character,

"As long as she's with Lexi, she's okay. When that gets threatened a little bit, Lourdes kind of freaks out."

What do you think will happen when "Falling Skies" season 4 airs on TNT? What are your theories on Alexis and Lourdes? Fans will have to wait until until the season premiere airs on June 22 to find out.

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