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'Falling Skies': Scarlett Byrne on Lexi's actions, the unity necklace and more

Scarlett Byrne as Lexi on 'Falling Skies'
Scarlett Byrne as Lexi on 'Falling Skies'
TNT, via Twitter

"Falling Skies" season 4 has a new cast member in Scarlett Byrne, who is playing Lexi as a young adult. But can we trust Lexi, especially given what we've seen from her so far? Well, the end of the Sunday, June 29 episode, "The Eye," definitely makes us question her actions, so we recently hopped on the phone with Byrne to find out what's going on and what's to come this season.

At the end of the most recent "Falling Skies" episode, Ben went looking for his sister only to see her in a secret meeting with one of the Espheni. What's Lexi doing? How will the rest of her family and the 2nd Mass react to her? Read on for Byrne's answers to those questions and more.

Welcome to the cast! I feel like there was so much kept secret about your role. You were just this mystery blonde in the first trailer for the season.

I know. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Lexi. So exciting.

Let's talk about the end of episode 2. Secret meetings in the middle of the night, that's never a good thing. What's going on? Can you justify Lexi's actions?

Everyone is scared of the unknown when it comes to people and that's definitely the case for the other characters when it comes to Lexi. She's trying to give this message of peace and unity and there's so much confusion to why, for example with Ben. He doesn't understand what she's really talking about and where she's coming from. She's telling everyone to not fight and to everyone be calm and there won't be a war.

Like I said, I think it's hard for them to understand where she's coming from and what she's actually trying to say because they don't understand her. At the same time, she wants to be able to understand the other characters too. In regards to episode 2, it's clear to see that in some way, she has a relationship with the Espheni. …[Ben] obviously jumps to the worst conclusion possible.

How does what Ben sees affect his actions moving forward?

Obviously, she is his sister, his baby sister, and he saved her when the attack came in episode 1. She's so grateful to him. All she wants is for him to understand where she's coming from and for him to support her cause and her message, but he somewhat makes it very hard for her to be completely relaxed. In a way, he's trying to make her wake up, to realize there is this war going on and that people are frightened and they're scared, and this message that she's giving, he just doesn't believe what she's saying.

And it's the same with Maggie too. It's the first time we've seen Maggie, I think, not have a gun or show some sort of defense. She's saying to Ben as well, you can trust this. Maybe this is true, what she's saying. Why should I judge you? But I think, like I said, because there's so much uncertainty and unknown, especially with Ben, he's intrigued and he wants to believe her because she is his sister, but at the same time, he has so many reservations toward her cause and her character.

What will Lexi's relationship with the rest of her family and the 2nd Mass be like when they're reunited? She does say they'll be there soon, so it seems she knows something's coming.

Yes, she does. It seems like she's always one step ahead of the game and what is going on. I think throughout the season, there's this constant questioning of why are they here, why are they attacking us, what are they doing, what is their plan, what do they want with us, and I think for the first time this season, I think the characters are realizing that maybe Lexi is the key to understanding or getting some answers from these questions, so her relationship with the other characters is interesting.

With Lourdes, they have a very special relationship. She saved her from the alien eyeworms, and Lourdes, I think out of all the characters, has always supported Lexi.

Anne, at the same, it's her daughter and she would do anything to find and protect Lexi, but there is this constant questioning throughout the entire series from her, Tom, her brothers, the rest of the 2nd Mass. Is she good? Is she bad? What is she doing? Can we trust her? Especially in the beginning, all Lexi wants is for people to believe her and to follow her and to understand where she's coming from.

I have a feeling Pope isn't really going to be very receptive of having her around.

No, he's definitely not [Laughs], which makes everything a lot more fun and interesting. But no, he's definitely one of the characters who hasn't so much changed. He's always looking out for himself, especially in this case. He wants to kill a bunch of fishheads and aliens, but when it comes to Lexi, he definitely is not accepting at all.

I have to ask you about this unity "for all three of us" symbol and the necklaces. What can you say about that?

In regards to the necklace and what she's doing with unity and everyone coming together, as you've seen in Chinatown, everyone's wearing this symbol around their neck, and it's supposed to be this sign of togetherness, peace. Everyone's wearing one. Maggie doesn't wear one, neither does Ben. But you can see that Lourdes wears one and the rest of her followers in Chinatown. We're so used to seeing the characters all dirty and muddy and tired, and this is the first time we've seen everyone look peaceful. They're growing food, and they've got hot water. There's children playing. So it seems like for the first time, Lexi's message and what the symbol represents is really coming through. She's trying to just make sure that everyone believes what she's saying and again, just follows her and follows her word.

Let's talk about Lexi's powers and how she's handling everything. She may look 21 but she's not really 21.

No, she's not. It's so interesting. Her character is definitely not one-dimensional. She's got so many layers to her, and it's been so fun to get to know her and to explore her as a character because she's constantly developing throughout this season. Again, you're right, she is a child really, she's a baby, but she has these powers that she again, is learning to try to control and try to get to know. At the same time, there is this sense of naivety and innocence and that comes from her, and I think especially with Anne's character, they have this mother/daughter relationship. She tends to have these teenage-like tantrums but they are on a much wider scale.

For her, she doesn't quite understand what's going on because she is kind of the first of her kind, so she's really trying to understand what is going on, as well as the 2nd Mass, trying to figure out what she is and what Lexi's all about. It can be confusing and frustrating for her at times. She wants to be able to fully understand herself.

What's your favorite episode of the season?

It would be near the end…with the pod and after that. Obviously, I can't really say what is involved, but it's definitely towards the end of the season, when she's getting control and realizing what her plan is and where she's going. For me, it was really interesting to play that and explore that part of Lexi, so that was fun.

"Falling Skies" season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TNT. Share your thoughts about Lexi in the comments below.

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