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'Falling Skies' returns with more sci-fi, a new love triangle, and a human/alien

Maxim Knight, Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood in "Falling Skies.
Maxim Knight, Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood in "Falling Skies.
TNT/James Dittiger, with permission

"Falling Skies" kicks off its fourth season with the refuge that is Charleston in sight of the survivors of the 2nd Mass when out of a sunny sky, they are under a brutal attack by a new Espeheni war machine that divides them as never before.

Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) is imprisoned near the ghetto where his son Hal (Drew Roy) and John Pope (Colin Cunningham) are taken. Tom is later joined in prison by Colonel Weaver (Will Patton).

Meanwhile, Matt (Maxim Knight) is in a youth camp for retraining -- think Nazi Germany, and Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) becomes the leader of a rebel group, which includes Anthony (Mpho Koaho).

Human/alien hybrid -- and Tom and Ann's daughter Lexi -- now rapidly aged and played by Scarlett Byrne -- becomes the charismatic, brilliant leader of a pacifist community in possession of special gifts and powers. She is joined by Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel), Maggie (Sarah Carter), and Ben (Connor Jessup).

To promote the return of "Falling Skies," Moon, Sarah, Seychelle and Doug talked to about what the audience has to look forward to. Following are some sneak peeks from each of the actors.

On Lexi:

Moon: It's in the trailer, so I am not giving anything away, but she's older and quite attractive. It was so weird because this year our characters are all different. She goes off with Lexi, Ben, and Maggie. I get reunited with Lexi and we don't know where her allegiance is. She is our focal point this year. Is she good? Is she bad? She's changed so much. Anne is completely convinced that she is on our side, even though she is being influenced by her alien side. Lexi may exploit all of our love for her, but then redeems herself.

What's new for Lourdes:

Seychelle: Lourdes goes back to her religious self, but in a much more extreme way. Not as a Catholic, which she started as. It is much more worldly spiritual, but fanatical. I would say that is definitely as a reaction to what happened to her.

Lourdes is obsessed with not being that extremely violent and harmful influence on her community [as when she had the eye worm], and is maybe trying a little too hard to be the opposite of that The enlightened, peaceful girl.

Tom and Anne are separated?

Moon: I can say we are still together. We have way more fights and I am now a soldier. I am no longer just a doctor. He is now relying on me for my input. I am no longer the same person he left behind. I defend my daughter. We go toe-to-toe about the innocence of our daughter. Tom isn't bonded to Lexie the way that I am. He doesn't completely accept her. Everybody questions where his alliance is, as well. Can he be objective because this is his daughter? Is he giving her special treatment? There's a lot of pointing fingers.

You also see an episode of what happened to Anne when she was back in the womb with Lexi and how involved Karen (Jessy Schram) is. You get to see a part of Anne's past.

What can you say about the aliens?

Doug: Season 4 is going to open up a few months later and everyone has gone cra-cra. The skitters are still present and they are under the command of the Eshpheni. Those are the bad guys that will continue throughout our show. But we have good guys and bad guys within the humans and that is really where I feel the heart of the story lies. Even though I am one of the aliens, I think the show is really about these people, their relationships, how they deal with hard times, and what the human spirit is capable of when they hit rock bottom. That is what the show is really about. Even more so this season because everyone is put into captivity away from each other. [Having said that], this year the science-fiction comes into play way more.

What's happening for Maggie?

Sarah: Things are completely different and very exciting, especially for Maggie. This is her wildest season. Tthere is a love triangle and it is not with Karen. I am terrified for this story to come out. When it was written, I had a very strong reaction because I genuinely love working with Drew Roy and the Hal and Maggie relationship. We are now still working together, but the relationship is complex because his little brother is involved. When I saw it on the page I went, "What? What is going on?" It is making for incredible drama.

"Falling Skies" premieres its fourth season on Sunday, June 22, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

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