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'Falling Skies': Noah Wyle on Tom's struggles, Weaver as his conscience and more

'Falling Skies' season 4 episode 10 "Drawing Straws"
'Falling Skies' season 4 episode 10 "Drawing Straws"
James Dittiger, used with permission

This hasn't been the easiest season for anyone on "Falling Skies," and Tom Mason may be able to get himself out of pretty much any situation, but he is no exception to that. On Thursday, Aug. 21, we had the chance to talk to Noah Wyle about what Tom has been through this season.

Let's talk about Tom the fighter and Tom the father. We've really seen him struggling to be both [in "Falling Skies" season 4].

The struggle, in terms of being a father, has come from the fact that he was separated from his family for most of the season, at least the first half of it. He was in captivity and all his boys were kind of scattered, and while they were scattered, they all got a chance to sort of be a relic in their own right and kind of empower themselves. Matt became kind of a leader in his screwed up school that he was sent to. Ben becomes champion of Lexi. Hal becomes a bit of hero in getting all the convicts to escape. So when they all meet up again, it's not like he's a father of three little boys anymore. He's really a father of three young men, who are all very capable. The real issue he has in relating to them is kind of in redefining what his role is to them. He's much more of a comrade than he is a parent.

The other side of the conflict comes from the relationship he has with his daughter, who, when she was born, he loved very much and then suddenly he lost her and then he saw her again and she seemed to be 6 years old and then he lost her and then she's 22 years old and endowed with power and may be a risk to the group and that's been the sort of arc that we've seen for the last five or six shows is Tom trying to come to terms with having spent time with a girl that calls herself his daughter that he doesn't feel any familial obligation to.

Going along that, we have Weaver, who's telling him what he needs to hear but not what he wants to hear. Can you talk about their relationship and how important it is for Tom to have someone like that?

That's a really great relationship. The Tom and Weaver relationship has traveled so much ground. When we first met those characters, they were so far on opposite sides of the spectrum. Tom was definitely the kind of humanist and Weaver was the militarist. Over the course of the last couple of years, we've seen a real transference occur, where Weaver, in finding his daughter, becomes much more human and expresses a lot more empathy and compassion than he did when we first saw him, and Tom, conversely, has gotten a lot harder and is a lot more comfortable making very difficult choices than we've ever seen before, and a lot of it these days, Weaver is Tom's conscience in a way that Tom used to be that for Weaver.

How does Tom feel about Weaver training Matt?

I think he's reconciled that that's the best thing to do. To try and protect Matt, to try and shield him from the realities of this world, is really kind of doing him a disservice. The kindest thing that Tom can do is to train this kid and arm him and make sure that he's got the best chance at survival.

What's your favorite episode of season 4?

I haven't seen it yet, but the final cut of it, I really have a feeling I'm going to love it, which is the first half of the finale [episode 11, "Space Oddity"]. It was directed by a guy that I really like a lot [Olatunde Osunsanmi, who also directed "Saturday Night Massacre"]. He was very clever in the way that he pulled off a couple of trick shots. I liked his energy a lot. I thought the script was excellent.

"Falling Skies" season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TNT.

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