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'Falling Skies' 'Exodus' review: A question of trust

'Falling Skies' season 4 episode 3 "Exodus"
'Falling Skies' season 4 episode 3 "Exodus"
TNT, via Twitter

Everything has to go exactly right, down to the second. That's the most important part of the 2nd Mass' plan to escape the Espheni Ghetto in the Sunday, July 6 episode of "Falling Skies," 403, "Exodus," so of course that means that something goes wrong.

Most of this episode of "Falling Skies" is somewhat predictable, even without the promo showing Pope in the suit. However, that doesn't mean it's not an entertaining hour, but while it does feature the big escape from the Espheni Ghetto, in a way, it seems to just be serving as an episode that sets up what's to come. What's going to happen now that Anne has reunited with Lexi? What comes next after Maggie confronted Lexi? Where will the 2nd Mass fighters from the Ghetto go next? How will Matt be rescued? What will happen to Matt before he gets out of the youth education camp? What does Weaver see at the end in the darkness? (We have a pretty good idea what it is.) What exactly is Anne's dream all about? See what we mean? More questions, not really any answers, and everything that happens is about moving one step closer to what should be coming up in the rest of the season.

Most of "Exodus" is spent on the escape plan, and it begins with Tom serving as the skitter distraction, leading them to their presumed death, only for something to go very, very wrong: The wall isn't down. Before we can find out what happens next, we have to go back 60 hours earlier, to the core group of 2nd Mass fighters in the Ghetto putting together their plan, and it all relies on everything going exactly right. The plan is to have Dingaan in the suit, climbing the post and getting to the tether to plant the bomb to blow it up and cut the power to the wall, and no matter how impossible it may sound, the only other option is being skitterized, so there is no other choice.

Pope seems a bit hurt that they're trusting Dingaan, the new guy, but no one trusts him to not just take off running once over the wall, but history speaks for itself. Of course, when it comes time for Dingaan to get in the suit, a skitter happens to knock a pipe onto his hand and injure him, so Pope is their only option because of Weaver's heart condition. The climb up the obelisk isn't an easy one for Pope. He has to swat away one of the Black Hornets, but fortunately, Weaver, Tector and Dingaan have his back with it. The other problem – the big problem – comes when he drops the bomb, but instead of climbing over and saving just himself like everyone suspects, Pope climbs back down and gets the bomb and nearly kills himself in the process because the suit begins to come apart.

Even so, after planting the bomb, the wall doesn't come down, and it's still up to Pope to save everyone. He knocks out the power source just in time for Tom to blow the solitary building, and the blast just so happens to knock him back into the body of water right there. Meanwhile, Hal's job is to get everyone out through the tunnels, and that's not without its problems. The person who swept the ghetto didn't notice an elderly couple, but a skitter sees them going down into the tunnel, so they have to fight off skitters and the old man doesn't make it. Hal has to learn to focus on saving almost everyone and not on those he couldn't save. However, amidst the celebration outside the ghetto, Weaver notices something in the darkness.

Meanwhile, Sheila returns to the youth reeducation camp after capturing her parents, and while her father puts up a decent front about the "new order," her mother hasn't just forgiven her daughter's betrayal. After that display, Mira's pretty much one wrong move away from breaking or trying to stage a really bad escape that only involves wire cutters at the moment, but after Matt tries to convince her that staying and going along with the façade is the best move, the wire cutters she took are found. Just as she's about to admit they're hers, Matt speaks up and Kent leads him away for "more unpleasant" training. Fortunately for Matt, help is on the way.

Elsewhere, Anne collapses, which is only natural considering she doesn't even remember the last time she ate. While passed out, however, she has a dream of being with Karen and an Espheni, with something hooked up into her stomach. "It's not your baby. It's our baby," Karen tells her. When Anne wakes up, she's not freaking out as would be expected with that dream and instead proclaims that she knows where Lexi is.

Before the family reunion, however, there's the matter of conflict in Chinatown, and after Ben tells Maggie about Lexi and the Espheni, Maggie gets her guns. "You look more like yourself," Ben comments, and we get to see the Maggie we've been missing in these first two episodes. They interrupt Lexi's lesson on the unity symbol – "This is the key to understanding the triskelion," Lexi tells her followers. "One entity can merge with another to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts." – and while Lourdes tries to stop them, Maggie's had enough and puts Lourdes in her place. Lexi argues that she's the bridge between the species and Maggie's putting the place in danger by bringing her guns, but when Maggie reaches for one, Lexi grabs her wrist – and breaks it?! The Espheni is part of her, Lexi explains. "It's who I am." They want peace, just like everyone, she says.

When Ben finds Lexi later to try to talk to her, Lexi tells him, "They're almost here. I hear things that you can't. I see things that you can't. It scares me. I need you, brother." And she's right, because that's when Anne and her fighters arrive in Chinatown for a reunion. While Ben's ready to have to explain to Anne about her grown-up daughter, there's no need because Anne knows who Lexi is.

"Falling Skies" season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TNT. What did you think of episode 3 "Exodus"?

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